High Cigar (2002-to date)

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High Cigar

Lost Cities - Gunpowder Plot Remix
Control - Cardwell Estate, Woolwich, 1 June 2007
Robot Christian Error - robot constructed by Lilith, Taron and Craig, 07-2011
Cwmorthin Substep - in Wrysgan Slate Mine 20-5-2011
Neuro Atypical - Tony Dyson on keyboards and Craig High on clarinet, 06-2011
Pitbull TV Snack
Super Symmetry 01-11-10
Dancehall Sugar Remix
Sea Serpent - on location in Mwnt, West Wales
Lilith Divinorum - on location at The Cardwell Estate, Woolwich
Antistatic - along the South Circular in Catford


To download individual tracks in mp3 or ogg, click on the temple icon top right, then "Full Version at Internet Archive". All music released under the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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  Alice (spring 2002)

High Cigar 2   High Cigar 2 (Summer 2002)

Insects   Insects E.P. (Autumn 2002)
Spectral Analysis   Spectral Analysis (Winter 2002)
U.S.A.F. Infanticide  U.S.A.F. Infanticide (Summer Solstice 2004)
Baghdad Bomb
From 1798 (MP3 - 6.0Mb)
Rob Newman
U.S.A.F. Infanticide
      The People
G.B.F.U (MP3 - 4.6Mb)
Bill Burroughs
Bring it Down

Cafe Puschkin V High Cigar  Cafe Puschkin V High Cigar (5/5/5)
Cafe Puschkin - Zoomalimali
Zoomalimali (High Cigar Mix)
Cafe Puschkin - You Have Eyes
You Have Eyes (High Cigar Mix)
      Cafe Puschkin - Domestic Blister
Domestic Blister (High Cigar Mix)
Craig & Kiran High - Louis Louis ( ogg - 4.1Mb)
High Cigar - Walk This Land (Anti-War Mix)

Luna Peculiarities  Luna Peculiarities (Summer Solstice 2005)
Dark Trance

Syd  Syd (1 Feb 2006)
Syd - High Cigar
Octopus - Syd Barrett
Walk This Land Syd (ogg - 3.8Mb) - High Cigar (Crass Collective Mix)

Avatar  Avatar (26 March 2006)
Stone Cold Mount Rushmore
Pre-emptive Strike
The Long Question Mark (ogg - 3.1Mb)
      Sapna Bilji (Lightening Dream)
Mega Corporate Bloodshed

Alien Space Junk   Alien Space Junk (18 April 2006)
Dancehall Sugar Rinse-Out  Dancehall Sugar Rinse-Out (1 Sept 2006)
BPM Sugar Mix       Go Out Step Out Vox Populi Mix
Twisted Sugar Super Grime Mix (ogg - 3.3Mb)

Johnny Action Finger Remix  Johnny Action Finger Remix (11 Jan 2007)
Jeeb in the Jungle       Rinse the Herb
Dub the Herb

TootinSkaMoon Remix  TootinSkaMoon Remix (19 Jan 2007)
A & E & D & B
Born to Party
      Repetative Smile
A Stroll to A & E

Mentalist 2002-2007  Mentalist 2002-2007 (8 Feb 2007)
Rinse the Herb
USAF Infanticide
Walk this Nightmare
Purple Om
Born to Party
      Stone Cold Mount Rushmore
Louis Louis
Jim's Trip
From 1798

Lost Cities Gunpowder Plot Remix  Lost Cities Gunpowder Plot Remix (1 June 2007)
Lost Cities      

The Munster Mixes  The Munster Mixes (22 Sept 2007)
The Munster Super Grime Freak Out Mix (MP3 - 11.5Mb)
The Munster Dub Mix (MP3 - 7.3Mb)
      The Industrial Munster Hard Core Mix
The Munster UFO Mix

UFO Rinse Out  UFO Rinse Out (23 Nov 2007)
UFO Rinse Out (MP3 - 7.9Mb)
Incoming (MP3 - 10.5Mb)
      Dispense With the Pleasantries (MP3 - 10.5Mb)
Original theme

The Regime Change EP  The Regime Change EP (Spring Solstice 2008)
Not In My Name (Murder Mix)
Not In My Name (Grime Mix) (MP3 - 6.2Mb)
Not In My Name (Dark Drum Bass Mix) (MP3 - 8.6Mb)

Cwmorthin Substep  Cwmorthin Substep (30 May 2011)
Cwmorthin Substep


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High Cigar

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